May and the Final Days of Preparation

David: Now well into May and the final days of preparation upon us, there is a bit of anxiety and tension in the air. The garage is full of Zip-Lock bags, dried food, camping gear, and all the other various things needed to keep both of us going, Peggy on the trail and I on the road, for the upcoming months on and along the Pacific Crest Trail. I’ve been busy highlighting maps, exploring campground options, fuel stations, and all the possible sites for supporting Peggy as she journeys the hundreds of miles across three states, thru radically different terrain, and ever-changing weather conditions.


It’s been fun watching the transition from late winter snow to the green of spring on my training hikes. I love the hills and mountains of the northwest, I am sure there will be desert days when I dream of these lush, cool green trails.

7 thoughts on “May and the Final Days of Preparation

  1. I can’t wait to see the progress on the trail! Hoping to see lots of photos and “hear” some great stories.


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