Goodbyes, Blessings, Treasures

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. Our church ( Mt . Si Lutheran), our family, our friends, and our neighbors have blessed us with prayers, visits, gifts, hugs, and tears. This heart warming outpouring of love was topped off last night with an awesome blowout neighborhood party; complete with an exclusive PCT croquet game!

During this inspiring show of support I was given a “blessing rock” from our church and David received a combination worry/ good luck/journey stone. Perhaps the most precious gift, however, is from my only granddaughter; this precious gift is shown below.

Adenture is worthwhile in itself. Amelia Earhart

Blessing Rock

Worry/Good Luck/Journey Stone

3 thoughts on “Goodbyes, Blessings, Treasures

  1. Hi there . We r your camping neighbors for the day in banning. I received a picture of Mt Si from my friends backyard. Their neighbors say hi. Dave and Suze schuba
    Proud of you for taking on one of life’s goals.. finding your inner peace
    You go girl!

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