Day 2 – Boulder Oaks Campground

David from the Roadside:

First, a note – “Runningbird” asked me to post a short tutorial on how you can follow her along on the trail on a map, in this case, SPOT. Up in the top right hand corner of this page (or the home page) is a small black box with 3 white lines (the menu). Click on this and select “Where is Peggy?”. Click on the highlighted link and it will take you to “Findmespot” where you can see her tracks on a map. You can zoom in or out, or even look at her tracks with a satellite view. Hope this helps!

Peggy headed out early this morning about 0530 with low clouds, light fog, and a chilly 47 degrees.

Last night I had strategically positioned our rig at the Boulder Oaks Campground, about 100′ from the PCT trail mile 26.2. Peggy arrived here for her first night – and conveniently brought several of her new-found trail friends home for dinner! It was a great time hearing about their stories of past treks while sharing snacks and beverages before the guys headed off to get a few more miles in before dark. And did you see Peggy’s rattlesnake!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Boulder Oaks Campground

  1. Peggy – It was a pleasure meeting you on the trail this morning, helping you re-find the trail at Kitchen Creek Rd and hiking with you a short ways. We were super impressed by your positive spirit and wish you all the best for a great hike home!

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