Day 3 – Scissors Crossing/Anza-Borega Desert

Halfway thru her day.

Runningbird approaching “Pioneer Mail” near Laguna Mountain.
The day ahead – Anza-Borega Desert

David from the Roadside: Wow! Yesterday (Day 2) Runningbird crushed it! I figure she covered about 30 miles! She was on the move at 0500 from somewhere near Oriflamme Canyon in the hills above the desert and is now coming down into the Scissors Crossing area. On my side, had my coffee, checked the tracker and realized I had to move. My biggest fear is of not being where I’m suppose to be when she arrives. Almost took out a large turkey running/flying across the highway enroute. It’s warm here today, 77 degrees with a slight breeze. The next few days should be quite interesting. Lots of reports on the PCTA site about contaminated water, rockslides, and highway closures. Obstacles for both of us.

7 thoughts on “Day 3 – Scissors Crossing/Anza-Borega Desert

  1. When I read your daily posts, my adrenaline gets going and I think, “Up and at ’em! Let’s get moving! Miles to go! Yes!!….Then I remember I’m in Tennessee, on a three mile walk. But you both make it so real! And wonderful. Love you.

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