Day 4 – San Felipe Hills to Somewhere

David from the Roadside: Runningbird’s day started again at about 0500 at mile 88.6 in the San Felipe Hills of the Anza-Borega Desert and went on thru the San Ysidro Mountains past Warner Springs to a gulch below a windy hillside at mile 115 late in the evening. She had gone around 26 miles thru awful heat and good elevation gain. She didn’t take her umbrella as it was bruising her collarbone. (We’ll have to work on that).

Well, I sorta had a rough day too. It was a bit of a struggle navigating he small, twisty roads with the rig and I had to go all the way back out to Hwy 15 at Escondido (at traffic hour – yuk!) and back in to the next trail crossing at Santa Rosa Summit. I spent hours and hours pouring over maps before we left but it never occurred to me that my rig wouldn’t fit around some of the corners! Fortunately I had explored a bit the day before and then scrabbled that evening for alternates. Lesson learned.

It’s been fun meeting up with a lot of Runningbird’s trail buddies as I leapfrog along the way. Clax and Timmy, Alpaca from Slovakia (he just came up from hiking in Peru), Liz and a handful of others, stop to take a break and chat, share a meal, coffee. Emily from Sedro-Wooly went to UW and her sister ran cross country at Central. Knowing they’re all out there with Peggy is a bit more comforting.

It’s hot! There’s snakes and lizards and bugs, and lots of vultures flying overhead!

Eagle Rock along PCT near Warner Springs

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