Day 5 – Somewhere Mile 115.1 to Santa Rosa Summit Mile 151.6

David from the roadside: Yes, do the math. 36.5 miles!! I wasn’t expecting to see Runningbird until tomorrow morning but the tracker showed her still on the move. She texted late in the afternoon and said she was going to continue on. I grabbed my headlamp and went off to greet her. On the way I enjoyed a spectacular sunset and found Peggy still on the move but obviously exhausted. On the way back by headlight we saw bunnies, lizards, centipedes, a scorpion, and a large toad. It was really nice to see Peggy after knowing she was out there in the desert in all the heat. Peggy, small but fierce.

I had spent the day adjusting the hitch position on the rig, doing some organizing, and greeting various day and thru hikers as they moved about the trail. Even had the opportunity to see Clax and Timmy again and met a young man (20) from Germany who had bought a car in Vancouver, BC and was touring about the western states car slumming.

Sorry but I think we got a bit out of sink on the post flow. The blogging is still new to us.

Sunset over the Anna Valley
Yuca Tree, Table Mountain, Anza-Borrego Desert

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