Day 6 – The Iron Maiden takes a break.

David from the roadside – Today Runningbird surprised me and announced she was going to take a “Zero Day”. In PCT speak that means she’s not going to do any mileage. I was relieved. Even she would not be able to keep up this pace in this heat. The day started with coffee, a decent breakfast, and going over a few logistics. Jan, the young man from Germany I had met the evening before came over and joined us for coffee and a long visit while we sat in our PJs.

Our waste tanks were getting full and we needed to get some fresh water as we had travelled down with less than a full tank. After a bit of internet searching I found an “RV Resort” that had a dump station and decided to go ahead and book a spot for the evening so we could have electricity to run the AC, and load up on water. Well we decided the Anza RV Resort should have been called Anza Last Resort. It was a bit of a shock. While everyone was friendly and caring, the place was not what we expected. When I plugged in the power cord to the outlet it soon began to smoke so we just decided we’d go without AC. Also, the majority of the guests here are apparently long-term residents. But we did get our tanks dumped and our (filtered) water.

Tomorrow Peggy will step back on the trail at the summit and head off on a long trek thru the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. Lots of elevation gain, reported rock slides and bee infestations, and even more heat. Prayers.

Anza RV (Last) Resort

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