TD 5 MP 151.66

The mileage before me seemed daunting, but sustained by your prayers and good wishes and fueled with an extra dose of instant coffee in one of my water bottles, I set off using the headland until I had climbed out of the Aqua Caliente canyon. Sunrise was lovely but the day already warm, at 5:30am.

Along the edge of the Borrego desert these small mountains hold fascinating rock formations, jutting up from the scrub brush. These rocks appear distractingly as random sculptures.

Over one after another of these small peaks the words of ” The Bear Went over the Mountain” echoed in the background of my thoughts. Though starting out well hydrated and stocked with water at mile 127 a sign pointed off the trail to “Mike Place”. I had heard from Clax that this was a good stop. It’s not far off the trail and you should stop there when you do your hike. A large water tank provides shade and water. Already there were Chris from SoCal and a nice chap from Texas. I guzzled water and topped off all my containers. It was smoking hot and I was only 12 miles into the day.

The first 15 miles were all uphill, I was behind on my hoped for schedule and hoped to make it up when I reached the downhill section. By 1 pm I was on the downhill but hit a wall as the blistering sun sapped my energy. . .

Okay here’s a challenge to our engineers and entrepreneurs!! The hotter and more direct the sun is – the more power can be generated by solar panels. . .

The hotter and more direct the sun is- the more power is sapped from our human bodies. A great invention is an converting cap that we can wear. It converts the suns power sapping energy into human vigor and speed!! Okay. This is where the mind wanders in the midday sun.

I took no pictures there was no water until about mile 137. Walking into a dry gully I was water!

This picture shows my feet and my reflection in the slimy algae ridden micro pool.

Miles to go

A giant Yucca ” asparagus spear”and at mile 145 the blessing if a water cache. I had no idea I could drink one gallon of water without stopping to breathe!

Now only 6.6 miles to go and I saw my second Rattlesnake sunning stretched across the trail. I record these because it seems as though you are there approving my plan. Still talking softly because I think Rattlesnakes have sensitive ears. I apologize if it is difficult to hear

David hiked up and met me at about mile 148, pointing out the centipedes and scorpions by headlamp.

I decided I needed a zero day on June 6th.

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