TD 6 Zero Day

I got to the trailer well after 9pm last night, no injuries, but sore feet, heat rash, sun burn, hungry…

The race does not go to the swiftest but to he who stays the course

Today is a great day of unlimited water, endless fresh greens and time with David ( without whom this would not be possible). I return to the trail tomorrow at mile 151.66, where I left. With water for the first 25 miles, I will travel in the cool morning and take my solar umbrella I Hope to make it to mile 180 tomorrow night. Mile 172 is posted as having a significant rockslide “dangerous to cross and impassable to some.” Miles 171-175 are reported to be edged with the infamous Poodle Dog Bush, said to be more toxic than poison oak.

I hope to return to supply at mile 209 on Sunday.

Thank you all for your prayers, caring comments and constant support.

3 thoughts on “TD 6 Zero Day

  1. Yaay, Peggy! Yaay, David! My heroes! Saying a prayer of thanks for your today and another for a good tomorrow. Love you.


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