Day 9 – Cabazon M209.6 up into the San Bernardino Mountains.

David from the Roadside:

First, I really need to do a little plug here for the awesome folks of the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA). If you’re curious, visit their website at and see the wealth of stuff – information and tools for PCT hikers. They do so much to help folks like Runningbird successfully accomplish their quest to complete the trail. Trail reports, water reports, hazards (like bees and rockslides), weather reports, maps, planning tools – I check this site daily and pass pertinent info on to Runningbird. Very helpful.

On! On! – It was a bit more pleasant start to the day although the temperatures seem to keep getting hotter. Today had a reported high of 97 degrees here in Cabazon. Runningbird stepped out onto the trail about 0900 with umbrella deployed. After she headed off I went back under the railroad trestle to see if there had been any takers for the 4 In and Out cheeseburgers I had left the evening before (along with the excellent cache the trail angel had left) but they were all still there. Just as I was about to walk away a gentleman section hiker came in to the shade of the trestle from the desert. He was still recovering from the heat of the morning and I mentioned I was about to remove the burgers but he asked that I leave them. He immediately ate one and was grateful. He was near speechless when he saw a coke “Mama bare” had left. I gave him a lift to town and he spoke of how he had met Runningbird earlier on the trail and the wonderful encouragement she gave him. He was from Tampa, FL and doing sections of the trail in various directions at various times.

Returning to the Stagecoach KOA I did some planning for the next sections of my movements as most areas to camp filled way in advance during the summer because of the proximity to the greater Los Angeles population getting out of the city. I did some laundry, shopping, trailer maintenance, spoke and texted with friends, and visited with my campground neighbors. On one side were a father and son visiting from Germany with a motor home they had rented in Indiana. On the other side were Steve and Cary(sp) from Colorado Springs. They coincidently have good friends in North Bend and Steve showed me a photo of Mt. Si taken from his friends back yard.

As my dad always used to say, “wherever you go, there you are”.

In the morning, up the windy road.

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Cabazon M209.6 up into the San Bernardino Mountains.

  1. Thanks David and running Bird! I’m totally enjoying every post from this adventure! All good wishes sent to you from Issaquah ❤❤❤❤ happy trails!!

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