TD 8. MP 209.1

He who is not every day conquering some feat has not yet learned the secret of life. Emerson

Starting on the trail at 4:45am I somehow thought the second day wS all downhill after San Jancinto River. Snow, downed trees and misleading trail tracker slowed my progress. A swollen river caused no hazard greater than one wet shoe. This also slowed progress with changing socks.

My assessment of the route was off by the route went sharply up and down for 10 miles. The is a metaphor for life. There is often little we can do to control the ups and downs. Our faith and our attitude are what we have. I sang joyful songs as I trudged through snow and over ridges and downed trees, my pack once again heavy with water fog another 20 mile waterless stretch

Finally over the last ridge of this section and started on the downhill I crossed a dirt road, some jeeps, a tent and several barking dogs. The trail and my speed improved markedly after this evidence of vehicle access.

I met up with a Summit Runner who gave news on water, temperature down below and other helpful tips.

The solar umbrella was deployed and of great value. Soon I passed the 200 mile mark

With a great cell signal in that last stretch I texted David and my children. I then texted the section of trail before medry and blistering hot they sent encouragement… and then there was the desert miracle..passing over one of the many dry gulches I looked down to see a cool pool teaming with lifeencouraged I hurried the last hot 9 miles to find David with my friend and colleague from Cummins, Kyle Tulloch, with his lovely wife Diana and their delightful son Malcom.

In the background are the mountains I came through.

A restful night at the trailer and a late start for the 9th.

4 thoughts on “TD 8. MP 209.1

  1. Peggy, you are amazing! This is such an awesome adventure for you. Experiencing all aspects of God’s beautiful creation and enjoying it! Also, having the wisdom to listen to your body and take a day off when necessary.
    God’s Grace is sufficient for each day. You Go Girl! Blessings to you!

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  2. Peggy,
    It was wonderful seeing you!! You are truly an inspiration! I know that you are enjoying every moment of this journey. We wish you all the best as you continue along your path!

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