TD 10. MP 246

We are, I believe, capable of much more than we attempt. We are all braver and stronger than we know.

The Mission Creek section of the PCT was designed as an idyllic concept; the trail meanders beside the creek, through canyons to its source, Mission Spring. Hikers have water nearby during the entire canyon climb and the path had already been formed by the creek.

This worked beautifully for many years, until the epic Feb 14, 2019 flood. The babbling creek became a raging torrent, tearing the creek side apart and throwing giant boulders and logs randomly for that 14 mile stretch. what had been a beautiful mountain stream side trail became a navigation nightmare. Even with tight attention to GPS, it was almost impossible to follow. Often where the trail previously was, was now the middle of the stream or a sheer rock wall or maze of impassable debris.

Hours of wading in the creek, climbing over huge debris and scaling steep soft sand banks exhausted and frustrated me; and still no other hikers! At one point, reduced to tears, I recalled Verse Pat Thomas gave me at our goodbye blessing;

Deut 31:3. The Lord Himself goes before you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be discouraged and do not be afraid.

The rough going lessened and then ended. I made it to Mission Spring Trail Camp, only 14 miles and it was 4pm.

There I met 3 lovely young woman from South Africa and we marveled at seeing other humans and commiserated about our Mission Creek nightmare.

They seemed amazed I had made it that far in one day! It had taken them 2 and a half days.

I went a few more miles that evening and stopped at dream come true accommodations.

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