TD 11 MP 266

I woke at 4am and was walking by 5. Glorious skies and ever changing vistas lightened my way. The path was clear and well marked. A joy more appreciated after yesterday!I walked past the abandoned exotic animal compound. A place where Tigers and rare animals were housed for years- for use in Hollywood movies. I had expected something more classy, maybe high wrought iron fences, but it is for sale if you are in the market

I hurried my pace with anticipation of meeting with David, washing, and eating fresh salad and fruit!!

2 thoughts on “TD 11 MP 266

  1. Peggy you are amazing! Are thoughts are with you. We have been following your trek and are enjoying watching your progress. Good luck on your journey and may God be watching over you. You inspire us all. Look forward to hearing the stories about your adventure in the future, Hallie’s uncle Dean and Irene.

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