TD 9 MP 226

I opted for a late start on the 9th day. I knew that it would already be hot but longed for the extra sleep (in the comfort of the trailer).

One interesting thing about the Southern Californian PCT is that you travel through mountains and then walk down the mountains and across miles of flat land to the next mountains. This flat land was sandy scraggy desert. Long before the trail began any serious ascent I felt a blister forming on the ball of my left foot. Sand in my shoe, different socks, and the hot sand underfoot? With slow hot progress I finally made it to Whitewater Creek. Still swollen from the late winter precipitation. Having seen no one all day I lay in the creek soaking my hot feet and body in the cool water. After, in the shade of an enormous boulder I taped the blister and continued over the last ridge before reaching the Mission Creek crossing camp. I camped sat Mission Creek in a lovely sandy spot just as the sun was going down. A short day but short by plan not circumstances.

Of course, I was certain I would make up time tomorrow. . .little did I know what was in store on the over side of Mission Creek.

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