Day 10 – Banning, CA to Big Bear Lake, CA

David from the Roadside: I got underway from Banning KOA as scheduled about 0500 with trailer in tow and took the I-10 to the I-210 and then the windy 330. It was a good time to go as traffic was still light in my direction and I didn’t hold anyone up on my slow crawl up the steep grade. I found my way to the town of Fawnskin and then up the bumpy dirt road to the Hannah Flats Campground. Most of the sites were empty and I was able to get my trailer backed in and the cement posts that I had knocked out of the ground while backing in put back in the ground before the camp hosts came by on their morning rounds.

What? No cellular service? Great! The camp hosts advised that sometimes, if you hike up on the boulders to the west you might get one bar. And so it was. And perfect timing as Runningbird called at that moment and reported (as she fought with tears) that her day was not going so great. The trail had taken her thru streams and that abruptly ended at a shear wall or went nowhere. She would pick up the trail again just to have it end at another stream after only a short distance. She was obviously frustrated. She ended up making it to a trail camp and called it a day.

Back at the campground I came across my first rattlesnake. It was a little guy but a little bird told me the little ones had the worst bite. The peculiar thing about this guy was he was crossing the road with a small lizard walking right beside him, almost like a body guard or at least best buddy. The snake would stop, the lizard would stop. The snake would rattle his warning, the lizard would give me a “don’t mess with us” kinda look. They both moved off into the bush, side by side. I stood there a moment longer taking the encounter in. What the heck was that about?

Sometimes watching Runningbird’s track line is not so fun.

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