Day 13 – Hannah Flats Campground to Silverwood Lake.

David from the Roadside:

A side note, in case you’ve been following the tracker, for some reason it shut off about MP 216 around 1646 (4:30 PM) for no good reason. Maybe had gotten water in it during a river crossing. Should be functioning now.

This morning was a general housekeeping (trailer) time and then I was on my way down the bumpy dirt road (without the trailer) to do some more scouting. When I got down onto solid pavement I found a pleasant turnout beside Big Bear Lake where I could get good cell reception. Runningbird called at that moment and asked if I could leave Hannah Flats early and rendezvous with her near Silverwood Lake with some supplies she was missing and she was running a bit short on food. Wait! I thought I wasn’t supposed to deviate from the plan? According to my mom, “circumstances alter cases”.

I stopped at the fire station at the foot of the dirt road back up to Hannah Flats and got the dirt on the best route to Silverwood towing the trailer (no time for scouting now). Of course the long way was the best option. Back down to the I-215 and up through Cajon Junction. Ever go to Cajon Junction? No need to. The firefighter was great and interested in hearing about Runningbird’s progress. He was shocked when I told him when she had started and how far along she already was.

I hooked up the trailer and moved on down out of the mountains. The brakes were smokin’ and I was seriously hoping I wouldn’t really have to come to a quick stop because I doubt it could be done. Finally made it to the Silverwood Lake area and after some wandering decided to drop the trailer at the campground and found a place where the PCT came down to a small backroad and waited. Runningbird arrived about dinner time and after the short drive to the campground, enjoyed a bath in the trailer (remember the Elton John song “Dirty Little Girl”?) had some kale salad, pasta salad, fresh baked bread, and a granola bar. She would later wake up at 0200 and have a bowl of “Soulful Peanut Stew”, more bread, and a glass of soy milk. It was a relief to see her eat regardless of the hour as I knew she was burning calories like crazy.

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