Day 14 – Silverwood Lake to Table Mountain

David from the Roadside: Runningbird started her day about 0520 near the foot of the Silverwood Lake Spillway. I checked to make sure her tracker was active and noticed she was moving at a fairly good clip despite the climb. The morning air was cool and I think she was ready to move on to something new.

First light over Silverwood Lake, CA.

Late in the morning I moved on toward the place we had agreed to meet before Runningbird started her long trek up into the San Gabriel Mountains and the Los Angeles National Forest. I do believe I forgot to tell her she would be hiking a good portion of this section exactly along the San Andreas Rift Zone. As I drove down towards Cajon Junction I notice a good fog layer over the lower valley along with a cool breeze. Exactly what Runningbird needed after the past weeks of heat. By early afternoon the fog burned off just as she started thru the desert-like terrain in the direction of Mt. Baldy.

I continued on to the campground I had reserved, sight unseen (a mistake), missed it on the way down, and ended up on some small back road going steeply down for miles before there was a portion wide enough to turn around in. Going back up slowly I found “Lake Campground”, had to ask a kind fisherman to move his rig so I could turn (and really, my trailer isn’t very big) and found that the one of the eight sites I was assigned was way too small for my truck and little trailer. Defeated, I went back down the road to Wrightwood and Mountain Hardware where I had bought Runningbird’s new gaiters a couple days before, and asked them for ideas. Once again, they were great. They sent me to a different, much larger campground even though the website said they were full. Seems they always leave a few unreservable (I’m usually not that lucky) and they had one left. Perfect! My view of the sunset was phenomenal. Somewhere on a ridge opposite me Runningbird was probably enjoying the same (or ever more) phenomenal sunset.

Evening from Table Mountain near Wrightwood, CA

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Silverwood Lake to Table Mountain

  1. David, love your writing ! They are very informative and humorous , which made me LOL more than a few times. You have done a great job in solving many unexpected challenges!


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