TD 13 MP 324

David for Runningbird:

Note: Running Bird will be updating these in the next few days when we have WiFi.

Note: Tracker stopped functioning about mile 316 but should be functioning now.

Cool boulder outcropping in the early morning.

Closer up to boulder outcropping.

90-foot steel-and-Woodbridge spanning Deep Creek.

The Tribe living under the bridge – Icarus, Ireland, Anthony, Marcus, and Snooze. Super nice folks!

Passing of the 300-mile mark!

Passing 300-miles.

“Deep” Creek.

PCT meanders along Deep Creek for miles.

Rainbow Bridge. PCT going off to left; trail to Deep Creek Hot Spring going right.

Am told there are Golden Trout in Deep Creek.

Cool pool with algae.

2 thoughts on “TD 13 MP 324

    1. Hi Grace. Glad you’re enjoying the blog and thank you for the prayers and encouraging comments. Peggy is such a trooper and talented athlete. And yes, I’m also amazed at the miles she covers in a day! David.


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