Day 15 – Table Mountain

David from the Roadside: Woke to another beautiful morning here. Checked the tracker to see Runningbird already well on her way. She did call and told me she had found a flat bid of a ledge to sleep on for the night.

The previous day when arriving at the campground I had heard a bit of a hissing noise by the front of the trailer and found that one of the propane hoses had completely blown out of the metal fitting and was free-flowing propane. It had been making little noises for several days but I had passed it off as the effects of heat on the tanks. After securing the valve and switching to the second tank I removed the bad hose. I was glad for the two tank system as the refrigerator, stove, oven, and heater all run off propane but the worst would have been all the spoiled food in the refrigerator in this heat. With the help of the camp host I located a RV supply shop opened on a Saturday and drove the 40 minutes to get the part. They had exactly the part I needed. Once back at the trailer with the part it was an easy fix.

Cell reception here is erratic and goes from 3 bars to “No Service” and back again for no reason at any time. I asked the all-knowing campground host about this and he pointed to a little 3′ circle of dirt in the pine needles about 100′ away and said, “try over there, seems to work for other folks”. Stood in the circle, 2-bars! Out Of the circle, nothing. Bizarre. Later I took my camp chair and went off into the wood to a bluff where I am now overlooking the entire Antelope Valley. 3-bars and the best office I ever had!

My “office” at Table Mountain.

While sitting here I received a voicemail from Runningbird. There was no water to be found at the Guffy Campground where we had expected there to be a flow and she would now need to hike on another ten miles to where the next reported water should be. Perhaps this is where the prayer part comes in. I checked the tracker and realized she would be crossing the road not too far from me. I jumped in the truck and ran to the rescue. Silly me, she had already found water and was doing just fine. I can always find something to worry about.

Wedding in Campsite #7.

After returning to the campground enjoyed watching a wedding in the campsite next to mine. I snuck a bottle of wine I had onto their picnic table and enjoyed the sunset.

Late in the evening I continued to check the tracker to note Runningbird was still on the move. She finally settled down about 9:30 PM. She had put in a hard (because of the climb up Mt. Baden-Powell) hike of 32 miles!

9 thoughts on “Day 15 – Table Mountain

  1. Hi Running Bird,
    It was great to meet you on Saturday June 15. Brad and I met you as you were on your way to Little Jimmy. We were on our way down from peaking Baden Powell.
    Safe travels! Wonderful adventures!

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  2. I am riding a 67 mile tour this Saturday up in the wine country. I will be thinking of Peggy when my muscles and rear end are telling me to stop!


  3. David, I enjoy reading the daily updates. Peggy, you’re an amazing hiker! Go- Peggy-Go! The church is tracking your location on the PCT chart that’s on the wall in the sanctuary. There’s even a cut out of a tiny Peggy on a pin ( could be your actual size) that’s moving up the chart.

    We are about to start our own hiking adventure from Rome, Italy and Bern, Switzerland but then found out they have trains and buses the whole way 😂.

    Cheers and be safe,

    Rick and Sheila


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