TD 17 MP 444

I forgot to mention something important about yesterday. At the fire house we met a team of equestrians, They are attempting to ride the entire PCT on horseback! They also rose early on the 17th tending to the horses as I head toward the Acton KOA.

Through this whole section there was no cell contact but the views were distractingly gorgeous. Consider this from a safety standpoint: a steep, sandcovered trail with random oucroppings of roots or rocks; a steep drop off on one side of the trail; a tired hot, hungry hiker; and distracting magnificent views.

Something I notice about the trail is that faith is required. My GPS may say I have 1.59 miles to my destination but I can see nothing, nothing but mountains and more mountains and littel pieces of the trail far in the distance that go over more mountains. At these times I begin to think that where I planned to go does not exist. The destination I have ben struggling toward is in fact nothing but my imagination. There are times in life like this – when we are working toward something and we begin to loose faith that we will ever see it. I have never been good at patience. The trail teaches patience and the trail teaches faith. With less than .5 miles to go I round a corner and see the Acton KOA, showers, David, fresh salad….

Heading toward a Zero day. someone said they wanted more pictures of Runningbird. Here is a selfie to satisfy, complete, I see now, with crooked sunglasses.

6 thoughts on “TD 17 MP 444

  1. Way to go Peggy – you’re flying through this hot desert! I’m so happy to have met you on the PCT, and I’m excited to continue following your trip through your blog here. Keep posting photos and selfies!

    – Clax

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    1. Clax, My Man, SO great to hear from you – Thank you for following us! We miss you, it was great to meet you on my first day on the trail. we want to knnow how it goes with med school applications and how you are doing!! Did Timmy get into the Sierras yet? Cheers!


      1. It was great to meet you too! Med school apps are going well – just lots of writing still.

        Timmy should be in Tehachapi right around now. He’s fast, but only a FKT attempter would make it to the Sierras this quickly! Last I spoke with him, the snow scared him enough to want to flip the Sierras for now. I’ll keep you posted on what I hear about the Sierras from some other hikers I’ve met though!


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