TD 18 Zero Day!!

Whew, Another Zero Day what a relief.

having been out of contact with everything for a few days david filled me in on some important details.

  1. Zoey had her ballet recital and was beautiful and stunning. I knew this but was sorry to have missed it. But she wrote me a letter which Kandice, my lovely daughter-in law sent ot me via text.

2. Patrick, my younger son, and Hallie took Hatcher and Wyatt to the Pacific Crest trail segment near our homes in North Bend. Hallie took this picture

They told me the boys liked knowing they were on the same trail as Grandma Peggy!

3. Rick Rodrigez, from our church wrote and told us that the church had posted the PCT map and had a Peggy (AKA Runningbird) pin they moved in up the trail in sequence with my SPOT tracks.

Guys, with this kind of love and support, truly I am never alone!

To make today perfect we went a little way out of Acton and I got a new bandana (it has an elephant on it – though maybe a camel would have been better LOL). I also got a great new super light weight hat with a full brim. here is a picture of me modeling it.

The rest of the day is being spent on cleaning gear, organizing for the next segments and restocking food and clean clothes.

I am so grateful to you all for your comments and support, and I am so grateful to David!!

7 thoughts on “TD 18 Zero Day!!

  1. Just found and caught up with your blog. I hope you enjoyed Acton as it is my home town. You likely saw Vasquez rocks today. Beautiful huh? Best to you, keep it up. You are killing it. Maybe see you on the trail in the Sierra soon.

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  2. I did not see the comments I posted yesterday. So I do it again.
    Peggy, I love all your posts. Catching up on them. Glad that you allowed yourself ZERO days! The Birdwatcher needs a day off as well. You look great!!💪

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