Day 16 – Table Mountain and Leap Frog

David from the Roadside: Woke early and made coffee. I saw that despite Running Bird saying she was going to sleep in a bit after the long day before, she was on the move about 0520. I was to meet her at mile 390 to shuttle her around the restricted area for the “Mountain Yellow- Legged Frog”, an endangered species. Put a bunch of food I had prepared the evening before into an ice chest and grabbed a thermos of coffee and some other snacks for her and headed to “Eagles Roost Picnic Area” on the Angeles Crest Highway at Mile 390. Shortly after she arrived a fellow hiker “Stick Man” showed up so they both got the shuttle.

As a side note, those familiar with the PCT know one of the hardest things to do is consume enough calories on a regular basis. Seriously, it’s a problem. The hour after hour hiking just chews them up. And it’s especially difficult if you don’t hit every McDonalds that’s along the course.

The Running Bird Shuttle around the frog habitat.

This portion of the trail is closed so you have to leap frog the Mountain Frog.

On the way back from shuttling around the frog there had been a bad motorcycle accident where the rider hit a rock from a rockslide and wiped out. His bike was demolished from impact with the guardrail and the rider had flown over and down the embankment about 300′. He should have been dead. He survived and probably ended up with a broken leg, a broken arm, and a concussion. Before emergency services could arrive, he climbed his way back up the cliff with help from one of the other riders, and probably purely on adrenaline. He was obviously in shock. The 23 year old ride had been out with some family for a Father’s Day ride. The emergency response that later arrived was amazing. The road was closed to allow a Sheriff Search and Rescue helicopter to land on a turnout.

Later I traversed down the cliff to retrieve his backpack and it took me over an hour to get back up! And my leg and arm weren’t even broken! While down the cliff if was obvious this rider was not the first cyclist to leave motorcycle parts on the hillside.

Response to the accident included Forestry Service, Ranger, Highway Patrol, Fire, Search and Rescue, and the Sheriff’s Dept.
Sheriff’s Department Rescue helicopter departing with injured motor Lee rider.

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