Days 17 and 18 – Table Mountain to Acton KOA

David from the Roadside: Monday, Day 17, was another “relocation day” for me. I woke early at the Table Mountain campsite and checked the tracker to see Runningbird on the move early again. Her toughness just never ceases to amaze me. There is a poem I’ve kept for a while and I don’t know the author but it has always seemed appropriate. Here are the lines that I know of:

“She is brave, she is strong. She will get up whenever she falls. She knows herself inside and out. And though she may face challenges, she will face them with courage and hope. And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

If you know what that is from let me know!

I once bought her a racing singlet for an ultra race in the Yakima Canyon that just said, “Feed your Crazy”. She does.

I pulled the trailer down the road from Table Mountain, through Wrightwood to the town of Hesperia to get some maintenance done but soon realized that wasn’t going to work out (their time line couldn’t meet my requirement) so moved on to the Acton KOA. After getting set up I checked my texts and e-mail. I had received a really pleasant text from Clax, a PCT hiker we had met on the first day of the hike, and had the privilege to see on several following occasions. Although Clax was section-hiking this portion and had left the trail, he had continued to follow Runningbird on the blog and had sent some encouraging words for her progress. Clax also suggested I should have a trail name myself. I was honored! Way cool! I felt I should kneel and bow my head. I was now to be called “Bird Watcher”. I liked it and it was appropriate. Thank you Clax!

Runningbird arrived at the KOA in the evening and was going to take a well-deserved Zero day. We enjoyed a Cesar Salad, pasta salad, bean salad, and a bottle of wine. The next day we drover to the nearby town of Santa Clarita (pop. 216,000) and did Subway and then Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a new sun hat as the umbrella was not working so great in the wind and was taking a bit of a toll on Runningbird’s collarbone. Back at the campground in the early evening she enjoyed soaking her feet in the pool and visiting with some other PCT hikers staying in the campground. Later in the night she commented on how nice it was to lay her head on a real pillow instead of using her shoes. I’d call that nice.

Sunset at the Acton KOA and the train going by.

6 thoughts on “Days 17 and 18 – Table Mountain to Acton KOA

  1. Well, I can answer the quote for the last part, at least! The phrase “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” is from Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I imagine the other lines are a compilation from several other popular poems.


  2. I’m honored that you would accept my recommendation, Bird Watcher! You’re adding your own part to this incredible journey, so you absolutely deserve a trail name if you want one. 🙂

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