Day 19 – Acton KOA to Tehachapi

David (aka Birdwatcher) from the Roadside: I was anxious to leave the Acton KOA. I wouldn’t put it high on my places to stay but it was conveniently located on the PCT making it easy for Runningbird to drop in. That’s about it.

Driving north on Hwy 14 thru Palmdale, Lancaster, and the town of Mojave, then west to Tehachapi to the Mountain Valley RV Park. We had stayed here before on our way down to Campo only a few weeks earlier. It’s a nice, small, quiet RV Park adjoined to a small glider airport. It was cool to watch the small crop duster type plane tow the gliders up and let them go.

After dropping the trailer at the site, I drove back down toward the section where Runningbird would be hiking – the foothills on the western edge of the Mojave Desert. On the way down I looked down at the dash for the outdoor temperatures. It was painful to see the degrees suddenly click up as quickly as I could glance down; from 98 degrees, one degree at a time, all the way up to 105 degrees! I’ve never seen 105 degrees before. After I cut west and headed into the foothills, it was a bit more comforting to see the temps settle back down to the mid-90s.

Temperature of 105 degrees in the Antelope Valley. 90.5 was the radio station.

Later in the day I checked the tracker and noted Runningbird’s location near a road I could access so I grabbed a Gatorade and jumped in the truck. Okay, I’ll admit it. I was worried about her access to water with the heat. My timing was near perfect as I could hear her voice commenting to someone about the flag on the truck. She introduced me to her friend “Tomato”, shared the Gatorade with him, and they were off. She was in good spirits, had full water bottles, and kept on going.

4 thoughts on “Day 19 – Acton KOA to Tehachapi

  1. David, yes 105 is hot.

    Having grown up there, I can tell you that everyone will say, “Sure, it get’s hot here, but at least it is a dry heat!”


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