Day 23 – Tehachapi, a Zero day

“Wingman” from the Roadside: Note the trail name change; here’s a brief (ya sure) explanation. I was honored I should even be given a trail name in the first place (thank you Clax). While “Birdwatcher” could imply several things, the more passive sense might be considered by some: just observing the Bird in its habitat (lurking) and then leaving. That’s not it. Okay, okay, I’ll get on with it. The new trail name “Wingman” was strongly suggested and accepted. Here is a bit taken from an Air Force definition I found online which seems most appropriate to this situation:

… a good wingman is a 24-hour-a-day job… anchored in personal commitment…they have a moral compass that always points true north…searching the horizon for any sign of trouble and step in to prevent it…a good wingman must be prepared to step up and lead when required, and be ready to follow once a decision is made.

Next. Sunday was a very well deserved and needed “Zero” day for the Bird. Too much heat, long mileage days with elevation, and getting too far ahead of our plan made taking a day off appropriate. Shopping, laundry, crossword puzzles, good healthy food, a cocktail, and a long sleep on a real bed.

My mom would say, “prudence is the better part of valor”.

Here are photos of the Mountain Valley RV Park in Tehachapi, a glider that seemed to have put down in a pasture on the opposite side of the RV Park from the runway, and a shot of the terrain Runningbird went through the last few days. Ouch!

Mountain Valley RV Park, Tehachapi.
Oops! A bit windy!
The Antelope Valley on the western edge of the Mojave Desert (Palmdale, Lancaster, Mojave).

7 thoughts on “Day 23 – Tehachapi, a Zero day

  1. Runningbird was always the best name for Peggy. And now you, David, also have a perfect trail name: Wingman is exactly what you are for the Bird. Love and prayers for you both. Bet zero day was lovely!


  2. Wingman, thank you for the updates. Several of us are following Peggy’s progress from your former “Salt Mine”. Stay safe and keep the updates coming. PS Runningbird, you are a true inspiration. Travel smart and enjoy every step!

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  3. Hey Peggy&David, I’m glad you both are doing well. Remember, we met in San Bernadino Forest about 3 weeks ago (I’m the one whp bought a Van in Vancouver). I’m in Las Vegas right now and heading back north (Death Valley – Yosemite – Vancouver). I read you are in Tehachapi, as I don’t have a tight schedule, we will (maybe) cross each other within the next few days. What’s your next destination?

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      1. Hey Peggy, unfortunately I passed the area already and I’m in Bakersfield right now. I would have loved to hear more of your big adventure in person, but most likely I have to stick to the blog.. 🙂

        All the best,


  4. Hola to Running Bird and Wingman-

    Such inspirational tales as you wend your way toward home. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us couch-loving folk.

    P.S. Simba would send his love, but he’s too busy basking in the sun. Cats!


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