Day 27 – North Kern/Lake Isabella KOA

Woke early and made a thermos of Soy Latte, peanut butter tortillas, grabbed some crackers for Runningbird and was on my way back up to Walker Pass. It’s about a 35 minute drive (without the trailer) on a winding mountain road. At the top of the pass where the PCT crosses there is a monument on one side and a pull out on the other. It’s by no means a busy pass with just two lanes and a bus pullout. It seems most of the communities along the PCT try to make it as convenient as possible to get hikers into town. I’m sure a lot of the water caches are there to support this as they often leave menus or signs stating “free ice cream for PCT hikers” or “free showers” posted at areas like this.

After I parked I noted a few gallon jugs of water at the trailhead and after running across the highway I found another 20 or so gallon jugs behind the monument. On returning to the car I logged onto the “PCT Water Report” and recorded the status so other hikers would no there would be water there. I checked the tracker to see how close Runningbird was but there had not been a track for about 40 minutes. I picked up my crossword puzzle and then a cute little black and yellow bird landed on my side view mirror singing away and pecking at the mirror. I took a photo and a video as he continued to sing away. He (or she) was a cute little bugger. 15 minutes later, not so cute. I went back to the puzzle. 20 minutes later, actually not cute anymore at all and definitely annoying. I had just picked up the tracker to check again when Runningbird came crossing the highway looking fresh, energetic, and happy to see me.

Cute, not so cute, annoying (but pretty with a lovely voice) little bird.

After greetings and stowing Runningbird’s pack we were back in the truck. And the bird was back. Runningbird commented, “what a cute little bird”. NOT!

Back at the campground, here’s the condensed version: phone call with grandkids, shower, unpack backpack, laundry, food, repack backpack, smaller hydration bladder, review water report and maps for next section, review texts from other hikers and consult with Mountaineer friends regarding strategy for moving into Sierras (or not), modify shoes for gators, quick run to grocery store, phone call with mum, a casual walk about the KOA, and then a much cooler and relaxing evening.

2 thoughts on “Day 27 – North Kern/Lake Isabella KOA

  1. Greetings you two. Just completed my weekly read. Sounds like you are getting through this well. Love your stories, Just wanted to let you know we are following you. Take care, stay well. What an adventure! Harriet

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