TD 24 MP 590.1

The trail starts along Highway 58 where you can see the sunrise shining on the trains.

This section, from Tehachapi to Walker Pass seems to be notorious for its remoteness and lack of water. Much of it goes through the California Desert and there is one section that has a 45 mile water alert. While it is always wise to plan carefully for water and to carry extra, it is also wise to be strategic.

A new flower

A sleeping Rattlesnake

And an egg that will likely never hatch

I had not been strategic in my water planning. I carried more water than I could possibly drink from one water source to the next. Always drinking as much as I could at each source. I used so much energy carrying and filtering that I literally could not attain my goal of the camp at 693. I stopped 3 miles short.

I had hoped to get through this section in 3 days (2 nights). My lack of strategic planning threw off my schedule and I ended up requiring 3 nights.

Nevertheless, my campsite was flat and comfortable and I had a chance to use up some of the water I had been carrying.

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