TD 25 MP 616

Sunrise in the mountains is always beautiful. I usually try to be hiking by 5 AM so I am always blessed with a changing array of views and colors as the day breaks.

I would truly like to share every glorious minute of this beautiful time with you!! I find myself stopping often to take pictures, finally telling myself to be satisfied storing these lovely images in my heart.

I also passed the 600 mile mark, commemorated only with pine cones. You can see there are trees here, there are also small springs and creeks.

Instructions say to stock up on water at Cottonwood Creek

Again I carried every container full. I slept that night at the Kelso Valley Road water cache and arrived with still, almost every container full! It was there I realized that I had added nearly 10 unnecessary lbs to my pack the last two days. Tomorrow I had a 28 mile day and planned to carry less water, planning for the resupply locations.

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