Day 29 – Kennedy Meadows

Enjoyed a chill day in Kennedy Meadows. Visited The Store, hand-washed some laundry, and had a thru-hiker “Lonestar” over for an awesome stir fry dinner Runningbird made. Lonestar is from Texas and will celebrate his 50th birthday soon. He’ a marathoner and has already completed the Appalachian Trail (AT) and would like to go for the Triple Crown. He started the PCT a few days before Runningbird. Here’s a few photos from KM.

“Third Eye is from Germany and got his name from wearing his ball cap backwards and getting sunburned.
A carving of a hiker in the front yard of a cabin along the trail.
Bridge over the Kern River
Going down Nine Mile Road. Look close.

3 thoughts on “Day 29 – Kennedy Meadows

  1. Can’t believe you’re already at the Sierras! It’s going to be amazing – tough undoubtedly, but unforgettable and absolutely worthwhile. Love all these updates. Good luck out there!


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