Day 34 – Tuttle Creek Campground (4th of July)

Wingman from the Roadside:

Happy Fourth of July!!

The town of Independence, CA is 21 miles north of Lone Pine and is the access to the Onion Valley and Kearsarge. Word is they have some pretty awesome fireworks for the 4th.

I put my flag up and lashed it to the trailer and it looked good sailing in the wind. It was a calm day for me so I caught up on some e-mails, paid a few bills. I felt the trailer shaking a bit and figured it to be the flag in the wind but it was pretty heavy. I figured it was Scott, the camp host having a little fun with me. I stepped outside but no one there. Hmmm? It was the flag.

Scott is a real nice gentleman who hosts the campground with his wife Linda. I had been visiting with them almost daily since I arrived. Turns out that when Scott and Linda aren’t here they live in Encinitas, CA just a couple streets down from where my sister and her husband used to live and right across the street from the donut shop on Avocado Street. My dad used to love that donut shop; any donut shop really. Small world.

About 12:00 our good friends Chuck and Annette called and asked if I felt the earthquake. Oh, it was an earthquake? 6.4 with numerous after shocks centered in Ridgecrest, just south of here and a few miles east of Walker Pass. There are a lot of rocks around here and fortunately none came down my way. Looking at the tracker Runningbird was still on the move, and doing really well considering the section she is doing is outrageously gnarly, so she must of dodged any rocks in her area. Shortly after that she took on Forester Pass so I hope the rocks just stayed put up there too.

Happy Fourth!

Flying the colors on the 4th of July.
Quiet here except for the sound of Tuttle Creek.

3 thoughts on “Day 34 – Tuttle Creek Campground (4th of July)

  1. So glad you’re both safe through the earthquake! Sierras are tough but Runningbird is tougher. Hope she’s enjoying it out there, and good luck with the resupply tomorrow!


  2. Sharon and I were a bit concerned considering how close you guys were to the epicenter and this was the largest quake in the last 20 years. Glad you are both safe and strong.


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