Day 36 – Alabama Hills

Wingman from the Roadside:

Slept hard last night. Legs are still working and I’m not sore. Did you know we had a 7.1 earthquake centered in Ridgecrest about 100 miles from here? I didn’t either. Maybe I felt it in my sleep but I certainly did wake up for it. Trailers shake a lot anyway.

Kind of a slow day for me, can you tell? I was up and at the laundromat when it opened at 7 A.M. The laundromat is next door to the bakery and I can’t believe I didn’t go in. It’s also a cafe and it had a line going outside so it must be good but I have a hunch it’s the only place to get breakfast in town. Unless you like McDonalds.

According to the tracker Runningbird spent the night at the 800 mile mark at a suspension bridge crossing Woods Creek. 800 miles! That’s almost a third of the way along. Maybe we should change her name to Energizer Bunny. Or maybe just Bunny. Yesterday I met a couple of PCT hikers going back in; their trail names were “Thunder Chip” and “Potato Rocket”. Should of asked them how they got those names.

It’s a bit cooler today (89) and a good breeze. Having the creek flow beside the trailer probably helps a bit. In the afternoon I went next door and visited neighbors Jack and Sheila. They’re retired and enjoy exploring the 395 corridor and doing some hiking. They gave me a lot of information about different campgrounds and kept an eye out to make sure I made it back from Kearsarge Pass. In the evening I visited the camp hosts Scott and Linda and they were cooking up a big pot of crawdads which I haven’t had since I was a teenager. There was another young couple there from San Diego and it was fun to do some socializing and eat Scott’s excellent fresh Ceviche along with the crawdads. When I returned to the trailer I found a big juicy slice of watermelon Jack and Shiela had left for me. It’s amazing how kind and neighborly folks have been to us on this trip. They are all amazed at what Runningbird is doing and ask me to let her know they are rooting for her. Most continue to text me after I have moved on north to ask me how she is doing. Ever see the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”? It stars Anthony Hopkins and is set in the 1960s and is based on a true story. Check it out sometime.

Not many trees in the Tuttle Creek Campground, but I have two!

Fresh caught crawdads! Yum!

4 thoughts on “Day 36 – Alabama Hills

  1. Runningbird, I am so amazed at your progress. Seems like you are speeding right along! Beautiful country you are traveling through. I’m praying you are safe, staying strong and feeling the presence of God helping you along the way! Kay

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  2. David/Peggy;
    Megan Rapinoe my be the hero of yesterday’s World Cup, but Runningbird is definitely a local favorite.
    Not sure what an appropriate name change would be, but it needs to be known that the Runningbird bird has to be a Roadrunner.
    Thanks for your updates and pictures.
    Mike & Rose


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