Day 38 – Mammoth Lakes, CA

Wingman from the Roadside:

Woke early and grabbed my phone – still no tracks. Decided to get up and consider options if Runningbird’s tracker continued to show no movement. Her SPOT tracker did have an SOS button and she did buy the “Rescue” insurance so whatever was going on wasn’t life threatening. Was it?

Picked up my phone again. TRACKS! Early tracks and she was scooting. See. Like I said, nothing to get excited about.

Spent the majority of the day walking around town exploring for grocery stores, places where Runningbird might enjoy eating. Lots of restaurant options with vegan and other healthy choices. There’s a Vons, Grocery Outlet, Rite-Aid, even a Bass Outlet store. This is the largest town I’ve been in for a while and it’s a pretty cool here with lots of things to do. The elevation here is approximately 7,800′ and there are many, lakes, streams, parks, bike paths and there are lots of folks walking, running, and hiking. They have fly fishing shops, bike rentals, paddle board rentals, kayak rentals, and outdoor outfitters. There are several liquor stores (one claims to carry over 400 kinds of beer) and more than a few cannabis shops. There is one whole page of the town guidebook describing the rules for cannabis consumption in Mammoth. The town is also expensive. Gas is $4.45/gal. And yes, they have at least three bakeries!

In the evening I felt a bit guilty as I ate pizza and thought of Runningbird sitting on top of a cold mountain pass, in a stone cabin (didn’t we just have several earthquakes?), eating some cold powdered who-knows-what concoction, and trying to keep warm. Later in the evening Runningbird’s mountaineering friend in Nevada called and we visited a while about her competence and determination in snow and mountain conditions, her progress so far, and the challenges (river crossings) that still lay ahead of her.

Standing by.

SPOT tracks at the stone cabin on top of Muir Pass.

6 thoughts on “Day 38 – Mammoth Lakes, CA

  1. For cheap gas check the tribal gas station on the northern outskirts of Bishop also there is a big bakery in Bishop that makes excellent sandwiches pretty cheap also.


    1. Hi Don. Thanks for the word. I did notice the price difference and saw the line up at the tribal gas station. The bakery must be Schatz? There is one here in Mammoth as well. Runningbird is on a break from the trail and just reminded me she had told me about you from TNAB and is so glad to hear you and Lynn are following! Please keep up the comments!


  2. Wow, incredible, amazing! I am finally tracking. Don’t know what happened to this last month. Yes, I was in Park City for almost a week and then working crazy to catch up. Now, caught up with you! I knew this was a very difficult undertaking but am now even more incredulous after reading about the challenges. I will be “watching” and praying for you every day now. Vicariously living it. Seems like fiction. Thank you for the experience through you! Wingman, your trailer was worthy of an Oscar. Loved it. Always knew you were a really good writer too. Thank you!!

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