Runningbird: Return From the High Sierras

Oh my friends! Oh my goodness. I am in Mammoth Lakes! I will post more later. There is so much to tell you: the incredible beauty, the fear, the exhaustion, the miles of sun-cupped snow, crossing the snow covered high mountain passes, the terrifying river fording…

Right now I am drinking hot coffee, doing laundry and putting lotion on the dry , scraped or sunburnt parts of my body🤣, but I promise I will post details and pictures today and tomorrow. I will start toward Tuolumne Meadows on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Runningbird: Return From the High Sierras

  1. Peggy you have been in our thoughts and prayers since you started your journey, ESPECIALLY. these last few days!! We are so thankful you are safe. Your guarding angel must have been there right by your side. You are so brave, we are so proud of you. We will continue to follow you and David. We look forward to your many newsy posts and photos, Love and prayers Jerry and Mary Zyskowski (We met you on Rattlesnake Ledge training)

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    1. Mary. Thank you, I remember you both, well! Yes. Yes, indeed my guardian angel was there beside me!!! After the crossing Forester Pass and the miles of maze like tracks on the north side, finally making it to a snow free elevation, I almost thought about going out at Kearsage Pass Trail and skipping the remainder of the High Sierras. By morning after much prayer I determined to continue through. Although there were times when I doubted the sanity of that choice, I will always be grateful I had this amazing experience.


  2. So glad you finally get a short break. I’ve been watching your progress on Global Earth, which also provides an elevation profile. What you have accomplished already is phenomenal.
    Stay safe, you are in our prayers always.
    Mike & Rose

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