TD 31 MP 731 INTO THE HIGH SIERRAS: Leaving Kennedy Meadows

Yesterday, (Kennedy Meadows Zero Day) David and went through all my food and gear, added were:

  1. The bear canister, to prevent bears from raiding campsites (2 lb 1 oz)
  2. Ice axe, (1 lb)
  3. Ice spikes for shoes (1 lb)
  4. Additional clothing (1 lb)
  5. Heavier stove ( 5 oz difference)
  6. Sleeping Bag liner (13 oz)

7)  Hand warmers (9x 1.5 oz.   13.5oz)

8) additional. Pair of shoes for stream crossing (13 oz)

It may not seem like much but the heavier the pack the slower I am able to travel, the more my collar bones chaff on the backpack straps and fewer hours each day.  It also impairs my balance on rocks and logs to have this much on my back.

As the morning started serious thoughts regarding my capability to travel through the Sierras crowded my brain.    It was humbling after ending the last section feeling strong.  Encountering patches of snow during the long climbs, with the trail in good condition I made camp discouraged that night.

As I lay sleepless in my tent that night a verse came to mind. 

“But he said to me, My strength is made perfect in weakness, My grace is sufficient for you.” 2 COR 12:9

Confused on how that could possibly happen, I fell asleep feeling the epitome of weakness.

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