TD 32 MP 747

Feeling refreshed the next morning I struggled slowly on the trail .  I would be picking up additional food for the long haul from Lone Pine to Mammoth Lake. I was going over all the possible resupply options that long stretch.  David met me at spur trail to Horseshoe Meadows.  Our original plan was that he would have the resupply material in the truck.  I would pick up the resupply and continue hiking.   I told him I had to go to the trailer and take the rest of that day to strategize and rest.

David was full of energy and information.  

“Now before you say anything,” he said, “ I Spoke to the Ranger at the Lone Pine information center.  “She says that the Sierras are very different from the section you have just finished.  No hikers have been able to maintain their daily mileage.  The heavy packs, the altitude, the elevation gains, as well as river crossings and unstable snow have slowed all hikers mileage considerably.  She said you cannot carry the full weight of food from Lone Pine to Mammoth.  Her recommendation is that I hike in at Kearsarge Pass and bring you additional food.”

My jaw dropped, how was it possible that this Ranger I had never met just described how I was feeling to David?  Was it possible I was a normal PCT hiker, experiencing what all the other hikers, young, old, male, female, were experiencing??

“Oh David, thank you – Yes, please – thank you!!” I replied in relief.

At Lone Pine  I went through my gear and took out all the weight I could spare, and maybe some I couldn’t spare.  Out came the:

  1. Heavier stove ( 5 oz difference)
  2. Sleeping Bag liner (13 oz)
  3. Hand warmers (9x 1.5 oz.   13.5oz)
  4. Vitamins
  5. miniature container of foot powder
  6. All the food I thought I could spare

David would meet me in a few days, I could go a few days.

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