TD 39 MP 860

The route down from Muir Pass ws straighforward. The snow crisp in the early morning hours.

We were hungry.  We had food but could really use more.  Today our goal was Selden Pass and getting to Muir Trail Ranch before  6PM.  I thought of the Israelites in the desert complaining that they did not have enough food.  I said the Lord’s prayer, “…Give us this day our daily bread…”. I gave thanks that we had some food.  

Other hikers had told us that the Hiker boxes had been picked clean by the PCT hikers, another said they contained only oatmeal – hey oatmeal sounded very good!  

Selden pass was easy -everything has become relative – but really pretty easy.  We rushed to the Trail Ranch without breaks.  My lips were cracked and blistered from the sun, despite frequent applications of sunscreen lip balm.  It was in my pack today and I could not access it.  My lips burned .  

We made it to Muir Trail Ranch at about 5:10 PM.  It is wonderful, really,  Long building on a hillside, horses and dogs and even some children.  The store appeared closed.  We found a young woman with Botticelli golden red hair, Samantha.  

“ The store closed and I put the hiker boxes away at 5 PM.”  She explained.  “ We open at 8 tomorrow, can you come back?” Silence all around.

“Do you… have enough food for tonight?

“We’re starving.” Lone Star said earnestly.

She opened the store – sold us fuel for LoneStar’s stove, and she got out the hiker boxes.

They are actually buckets and not boxes.  One was, indeed filled with bags of oatmeal and muesli, one was filled with hot cocoa, tea, coffee, powdered milk; the last was filled with all kinds of wonderful and varied dehydrated food – and jars of peanut butter and Nutella!!

Samantha explained that we could camp just a half mile a way.  The hot springs were inaccessible.  They were across the river which was, no surprise, swollen to treacherous conditions.

We feasted that night, my small stove is an Nesbit and I even used an extra fuel cube to make some hot coca.  Grateful and full we slept well that night.

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