TD 40 MP 878

Today we traveled over Bear Ridge,  what is so important about Bear Ridge?  There is the chance of having a cell phone signal.  It had been many days since contact and I was behind schedule by far,  I longed to tell folks I was okay and would be out soon.  Part of me could not believe that this time in the remote High Sierras would ever end.  The going was so slow and there seemed always to be one hurdle or hazard following close on the heels of another.  Our shoes were always wet from fording or simply walking in the ankle deep streams the trails had become.  We now actually had enough food.  Part of me had somehow thought that we would travel each day forever in these conditions, never, ever seeing our families again.

Lone Star got a signal before I did.  My phone was just searching, frustrated I walked on as he spoke to his sister, we both have AT&T.  About a half mile later I rounded and open view corner and tried again.  David’s phone rang and rang; I could leave a message, it would be better than nothing.  He answered.  We were both so excited we couldn’t stop talking – but we were both talking at once!  It was good we had the talk, the conditions had changed at  our resupply point and details were worked out.  Our MP tonight would be at the camp at the base of Silver Pass and we would walk out tomorrow.

Lone star caught up with me and our exhilaration, having spoken to our loved ones, carried us for hours.  Lone Star’s pack however was very heavy – too heavy – he had two jars of Nutella, a jar of peanut butter, a dozen tortillas, a bag of brown sugar, instant mashed potatoes…. He had gone a bit overboard with the hiker boxes at the ranch.  The weight was wearing on him.

We camped at the VVR turn spur trail.  A very nice camp spot.  I sat in a secluded pool in the creek and wallowed in the icy water before bed.

I did take some videos of the dramatic River crossings but I have been unable to upload them – apparently the files type is alerting a security warning. My apologies!!!!!

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