TD 41 MP 907

Silver Pass came quickly but before we actually started the climb Lone Star said he was exhausted and would take a nap.  He urged me to go on and to meet David.  I did.

I spoke to a climber going south and he explained in lovely detail the three long glissades on the north side of Silver.   As soon as I reached the top I located the glissades and made relatively quickly work, sliding down almost to the snow free trail.  Down and down the trail went and my hope soared that I would make it out today.  Then the next climb started and went on nearly interminably, I climbed back into snow and into difficult navigation!  It was beautiful, in a different way than the high Sierras, the landscape was changing.

When finally the trail began to level out I saw a man coming toward me, he looked pleasant and I smiled at him. It was David !!! – I may need glasses. I don’t need to tell you how joyful was our reunion. But still almost 10 miles left to go!!! David took my bear canister in his pack – bless him. We got, finally, to the truck 4 hours later. He dropped me at the Sierra lodge so I could start soaking in a tub and returned shortly with our supplies and some food.

Lone Star called us the next afternoon.  He would be staying at the Motel Six for two nights.

We stayed at the Sierra Lodge one night and then back to the trailer in the nearby campground.  I would take two days off this time.  My legs were swollen with scratches and bruises and sunburn.

4 thoughts on “TD 41 MP 907

  1. Peggy;
    Thanks for spending you’re “zero day” posting the exciting details and pictures of the trek. May well be the closest most will ever get to this awesome scenery.
    You’re hard work will continue to pay memory dividends in the years to come.
    Mike & Rose

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