Day 47 – Sonora Pass and scouting ahead.

Wingman from the Roadside:

The early mornings here at Leavitt Meadows are crisp but they warm up quick. After a quick breakfast and coffee I got on the road and headed back down highway 108 to the 395 and went north. I was checking out my options for pulling the trailer to the South Lake Tahoe area and highway 88 near Carson Pass in the coming days. If you’re accustomed to transitting the western states on the I-5, highway 395 is completely different and a whole lot more interesting and moves at a different pace. Along the way I noticed the large number of fly fisherman casting their lines on the rivers along the highway despite the high, fast waters from the snowmelt.

Passing by Topaz Lake I was now in Nevada and entering the town of Gardnerville, just south of Carson City. To my delight I soon came upon a Starbucks so I stopped for a coffee and caught up on e-mails and tried my best to get a read on Runningbird’s track. Next door was a Walmart so I stalked up on Cesar Salad bags and a couple of other items and then cut off of highway 395 to the west towards highway 88. I was now going south and then west to visit Carson Pass where Runningbird would come through in the coming week on her way to Echo Summit and South Lake Tahoe. A quick visit with the ranger in the forest service visitor center gave me some idea of the trail conditions in the area along with a few tips on free camping areas. From there I was back south on hwy 89 through Markleeville and then up sketchy highway 4 (must have been designed by someone who drove a Mini Cooper) to Ebbett’s Pass. The road was actually in good condition but narrow, steep, and lots of sharp blind corners. Not a place to go with a travel trailer.

Narrow Highway 4.

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