TD 44 MP 927.3

En Route from Mammoth Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows

With everything ready in David’s truck the night before the morning was relatively stress free, except perhaps for some residual stress regarding river fords and high passes.  

David drove me up Reds Meadow to get back on the trail.  As usual he pushed my tracker buttons before we parted….it was not working…it had worked perfectly going in to Mammoth Lakes.  Restart, cold start, not working.  The tracker is more than just a fun way to see how far I go each day, the tracker is, in many cases my one form of contact in the event of an emergency.  It is also the way I can be located, should something unplanned happen.

While now let’s see how strong my faith is without my security button.  David would try to work something out and I would try to stay out of trouble.

The day went smoothly, except that the snow on the north face of Island Pass was more trouble than I had hoped.  There were also many young people going south, who warned of difficulties with navigation in the snow on the Donahue Pass. 

I had initially planned to cross Donahue Pass that evening and camp at a small bivvy site just over the pass.  I actually stopped at 2.25 miles from the pass at 10165 ft., in the last dry, snow free spot I could find.  I did not want to be navigating alone through snow with darkness falling, and I am glad I stopped when I did.

Alone in my camp site, it was beautiful.  The birds serenaded me as I fell asleep and later I woke in the darkness to the sound of happy frogs.

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