TD 45 MP 945.6

I woke at 12:20, as I said to a frog serenade, it was cold.  I pulled my neck gaiter over my head and put my cap over it.  4:00 am comes early.  It was a good start this morning and in spite of taking the time to make hot coffee I was moving by 5:00am.

The snow was crisp under my spikes and route finding not difficult.  I was almost to the high point of the pass when a funny thing happened.  I had inadvertently left my phone off airplane mode last night in case I had a signal and could talk to David; suddenly my phone rang.  It was a first for the trail, an incoming call!  It was David with a technical rep from SPOT.  The wanted my authorization for David to set up the new SPOT device and transfer my plan and insurance.  The coincidence was amazing, a minute after the call was over I resumed climbing and the signal was gone.  I want here to give huge credit to David and our trail friend Clax.  Both went above and beyond, after our friend Steve located an REI with a tracker.  I think David went into detail on the complicated logistics in one of his entries, so I will not.  I DO want to give them both huge thanks, heroes, they are.  David would have the tracker for me when I reached Tuolumne Meadows.

On the north side of Donahue pass I took the glissade route down.  Fast but it does end quite far from the actual trail.  The traverse is steep rock and time consuming, I am not the only one who experienced this.  Was it worth it?,  I will let you decide if you go.

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