TD 46 MP 971.6

Lots of beauty, lots of climbing and lots of descending, today.  The beauty, often a surprise, after a long forested climb appearing suddenly with views of frightening rigged rocks and snow.  Differing from the spiky pale gray and white of the high Sierras to the south, with their summits slightly more rounded and less snow covered.

Going up Benson Pass was blessedly snow free with many manageable fords, manageable meaning you get wet but do not fear for your life.

Finally, after passing the high point of Benson Pass, there are only 4 miles to go before I reach my planned campsite.  Hurrah, all downhill I will be into camp by 7!!  OH No do not count your miles before they are walked.  The snow on the north face, covers and confuses the route, the runoff  turns the trail to streams and the steep grade is  terrifying when wet.    There is an interesting kind of rock work here in this section of the trail.  It is made of funded granite and almost looks like steps but too small for steps,  It is almost a form of art work.  It also is not fun on wet downslopes.

It was after 8 when the campsite is .03 miles away.  My pants are dry and my shoes are not soaked so I feel pretty good.  I hear the water first and then the trail, with the campsites on the other side, ends at a deep, wide creek, no logs, I choose the widest spot and cross, no way to avoid wet pants.  There was an eager welcoming committee of mosquitos, ready for their evening meal.  Thank heavens for the screens on my Big Agnes tent.

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