TD 47 MP 991.6

This was a difficult day, starting well and petering out in mid morning.  There were 2 passes and something called “highest gap “ and “lowest gap”.  All not bad on the southern face ascent but following the pattern of snow maze frustration of the northern face. Also there were several river/stream, creek crossings. I took a screen shot of my GPS app take note that it is 6:25 am, in .03 miles, ford a creek, .35 miles, Piute Creek, 1.03 miles ford a creek… now can we keep our shoes dry..?

It is fun, and common, to see eviddence that we share our trail

There are in this section many paths of granite slabs, similar to what we, from the northwest would recognize from the Enchantments.  There were also forest path rife with mosquitoes, crazy swarms of mosquitos who seem to think of repellent as we might consider gravy.  They bite through pants and shirts and socks and gloves.

I had hoped to make to Dorothy Lake today but the last major river fording was deep and wide.  I started in to the water too soon without due consideration of my route.  The river deeper and current slightly stronger than I anticipated, I lost my footing, although able to recover and retreat to the south bank, I was soaked, and my pack was soaked.  I checked my phone and tracker, moved my phone to the upper pocket of my pack, chose my route more carefully and used the sideways stance for a successful crossing.  Dripping water from everywhere, I filled the trail up onto the warm granite slabs.  Bright sun, warm granite.  I stopped and pulled everything out, of my pack, took of all the clothing I could decently remove and proceeded to wring, shake and turn things until most were dry.  Time lost nearly two hours in all.

I did not make it to Dorothy Lake.  I found a great campsite, near water, ha, ha!  I spent far too much time berating my self for being slow and wasting time falling in the river.   I was back to wondering if I should even be on the trail, falling in rivers and not making my mileage goals.   I had seen few people that day and those I had seen had been strong young males striding with tall confidence past me.  

I was also hungry.  I had been hungry all day.  I wanted to eat more for dinner but decided that to save food for a good breakfast.  Part of my lack of speed and energy might be that I need more calories, I consider this as I untie the twine I am using now to hold up my pants.

Women like men should try to do the impossible.  And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.  -Amelia Earhart

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