TD 48. MP 1017

I ate all the rest of my food for breakfast, leaving my very soggy peppermints a packet of cocoa and coffee for trail food as I hike out. It will be a long day as I did not make my mileage goal yesterday.

I took a wrong turn early on and using the GPS when the trail I took petered out I was .47 miles off route, steep overland travel took me back to where I had been on the PCT an hour before. This may seem like a strike of misfortune – but God does work in mysterious ways. There was Scout, Sleeping Bear’s young friend. He was with a pretty girl, his sister. We talked and laughed, not having seen each other since Pinchot Pass. In talking I laughed about how hungry I was. Scout’s sister, fresh on the trail from Wisconsin immediately pulled out her bear canister.

Embarrassed, I replied,  “Oh, no I am sorry, I did not mean that as a plea for food.  I am going out today.”

“ Here I have lot’s of food, what looks good to you”, she kindly offered.

She generously insisted and gave me a large Snickers bar and a Builder’s bar.  I ate the Snickers bar almost immediate and an amazing thing happened.  I felt great!!  I had energy and I picked up speed, I didn’t get lost…hmm. Maybe we’re on to something here.  Maybe more calories would help.  Hmmm.

Oh, I also passed the 1000 mile mark today

Mosquito netting, sun gloves, back pack with clothes hanging off it to dry – wow! Can’t wait to see the 2000 mile mark!

I’ll skip to the last push to Sonora Pass.  I have lots of pictures of this glorious beauty.  The route was exhilarating.  It was safe, with just enough exposure to keep a level of excitement.  My prayer was to get safely to David that night, and to get out of the snow before dark.  

One important fact, that is probably detailed on GutHooks, which I do not have, is that the route up to the pass does not follow the PCT Trail.  It goes on the loose rock above the snow on a faint footpath.  There is no track across the snow. It is a good plan and safe.

David walked in to meet me, braving steep icy ascents and snowy traverses, I love that man.

Back at the truck by 8:30 pm, prayers answered, we both agreed a  zero day would be grand.

8 thoughts on “TD 48. MP 1017

    1. Starting to get easier. I hit an energy crisis at Ebbets Pass. Came out in a deep bonk. Eating and resting in Tahoe. Evaluating trail food for more calorie density. Good to have cell service here. Funny missing it Thank you for the support


  1. Good morning, Runningbird! Thinking of you and praying for you for safety, more Beauty that surrounds you, and peace and comfort! Enjoy your beautiful travels and thank you for sharing your adventure! May God be with you all the way and comfort you!❤️


      1. Runningbird…Thinking of you and saying prayers for your strength and stamina! You have came so far and I’m praying for your continued ability to realize your dream! I’m so proud of you and this accomplishment and of David for all he does for you. Happy trails to you both!!❤️❤️, Kay Boyle

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