TD 51 MP 1051 Ebbett’s Pass/Energy Crisis

It is easier to get going on morning’s such as this, not too cold, not much condensation on the tent. I intentionally made oatmeal for the first time on this trip, adding the rest of my dried fruit.

I was moving by 5:15, but oh, where was my energy?  Soon after breakfast I started on the peppermints.  Legs like concrete setting gradually.  Ebbett’s Pass, There was a road at Ebbett’s Pass.  I soon knew that I would not make it farther than Ebbett’s Pass.  I had not reliable way to contact David, neither of us had cell service.  If he has no cell service then he cannot see my tracks, does not know where I am.  We had planned to meet briefly at Carson Pass tomorrow morning; I now knew I could never make it to Carson Pass they way I was feeling.

I began a mantra of “All you have to do is make it to Ebbett’s Pass and you never have to move again.”  Repeating this mantra, I moved slowly almost trancelike up the hill and over the snow.  I did pray that I wanted o do the right thing, but the right thing wasn’t clear to me now.  I asked, selfishly for a sign if God wanted me to somehow continue on the trail.  I could not really understand what was wrong with me.

Later in the day I came to a high saddle.  I prayed for service on my phone so I could contact David.  Other PCT hikers were there using their phones.  It was Verizon, AT&T had no service.  Olivia, a strong, sweet gal from the UK saw my disappointment.  “Here” she said,  holding her phone out to me, “ Would you like to borrow my phone?  Make a call?” The Lord works in mysterious ways.  With great gratitude I left David a message simply saying to please meet me at Ebbett’s Pass.  I know he is writting more about this so I won’t go into detail.

Snow again after the saddle, lost routes, more time lost but even hour closer to Ebbett’s Pass.  I met a trail runner earlier, he saw me again on his way out.  He asked how I was doing and I said I was going out at Ebbett’s – that I could not seem to muster strength,  He asked if I needed a ride ad I said I would wait for my partner, hoping he would understand my cryptic messages.  Joe, his name, immediately offered to send a text on his Verizon phone. He also said we were 1.67 miles out from the pass.  He said he would also call when he had more bars.

I continued on in my slow gait up and down over snow banks…I was hoping, but not expecting to see David.  I was ready to tell him I never wanted to climb another mountain!  … but then, over a mound of snow, inserts and sandals, is Clax!!!!  Clax!!!  How???  

Clax is bursting with energy – he had looked at his watch and my tracks and decided if he hurried he could surprise me with some trail magic!!!!  He had no idea I was trying to contact David, No idea anything was a miss.  He took my pack and chatted encouragingly as we hiked the last half mile out.  When we got to the Ebbett’s Pass Trail head Clax said, “ I know you can do this Peggy, if you want to, I know you can finish.  You take some time – fuel up, take some more calorie dense foods, if you want to, you can do this.

It was a while before we met up with David and I was asleep on my pad on the gravel when we did.  I think meeting Clax, first and so surprisingly had a very strong effect on me.  I will rest and fuel, reevaluate my food and get back on the trail.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!!

2 thoughts on “TD 51 MP 1051 Ebbett’s Pass/Energy Crisis

  1. Peggy;
    You take care of yourself. Your body is telling you it’s not a machine (even though what you’re accomplished so far seems to contradict that). You are what’s most important to us all.
    You and David have a good rest.
    Prayers and love;
    Mike & Rose


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