TD 52. MP 1036

Okay we are not moving.  I am taking 3 R&R days.  My children called me, filled with love and  encouragement!  David’s good friend Brian came out to meet us in Tahoe, from Alameda.  He introduced us to his nephew, Brad, who lives in South Lake Tahoe.  Brian brought us delicious supplies from Trader Joe’s and took all of us out to dinner.  

6 thoughts on “TD 52. MP 1036

  1. Glad you are taking some downtime. If you keep having problems after your rest please take it as a sign. You are in our thoughts 🥰


    1. Trail M. I just read through all the links. Thank you so much. Such useful information. I’m heading in to Belsen soon. I will look for Dr.Braaten’s o. Thank you!!


      1. Hi Running Bird, looks like the other hikers also gave you advice. I learned that Thru hiking requires replenishing the stored energy (body fat) that you’ve probably burned through by now. I made the same mistake on my hike. It was fat and carbohydrates that we needed, not so much the protein since we are using muscle, not building muscle. Happy hiking and take care! We are all cheering you on!

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