TD 53 MP 1036

David and I went shopping this morning.  The thru hikers had been telling me their “secrets”. Don’t carry food with less than 180 calories/oz.  mix crushed potato chips in peanut butter, eat butter cookies, eat constantly: Patrick’s friend Andy had warned me of this,  semi-jokingly telling me I would have to drink olive oil on the trailing eat ice-cream on all my off trail days.  It is very hard to follow this advice.  Somehow I thought the rules applied to young men but not to me.  …at least until I hit smack into the 1000 mile wall.  Now if I am to continue I must follow this fueling advice.

We bought packaged cream cheese danishes, pop tarts, a giant size bag of “nut-lovers” fun size candy bars, I lost track of everything. I checked the fat and calorie ratio to be sure it was high enough and considered whether I would be able to actually eat it. We’ll pack later today. I will take off Thursday morning. We’ll eat at Brad’s house tonight, we are bringing bread,a giant apple pie and a spinach salad.

Also towels and Epsom salts.  There is a bathtub at Brad’s house !

Honestly, I am nervous, but I am going to, with everyone’s prayers and love, give the next 1600 miles my best shot!!!!

Brad and Brian

Also yesterday our good friend, Steve Firebaugh drove over from Nevada to meet with us and give us good cheer.

David and Steve

2 thoughts on “TD 53 MP 1036

  1. Peggy,
    I am so glad you’ve figured out what was causing your swollen feet and legs.
    Also a lot of us were concerned your weren’t getting enough calories. We’re all so glad you’ve decided to up your calorie intake. You have really been putting your body through a lot and we admire what you’re doing. Our Monday bible study group has been praying for you constantly. Only 1600 more miles to go!
    We know you can do it! But, listen to your body and also to what God tells you.
    David is the perfect “wingman”. His adventures are almost as exciting as yours!
    This blog should be published when you complete your journey. I’m enjoying reading every post. Take care…..God bless both of you.

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