TD 54. A Mystery Solved. Ready to hit the trail

My brother is following our blog. I am very flattered and touched that he is. But even better. Far better in this case, he is following it closely and paying close attention.

He has clearly read everything I have written, bless his heart. He and Sandi, his wife put the pieces together and wrote to me immediately. I was taking lots of ibuprofen; I had feet and ankles swollen beyond anything I had seen. I was feeling dizzy and weak. Some years ago, unbeknownst to me, my brother had been taking lots of ibuprofen for knee pain. He developed swollen feet and ankles, etc. not responding immediately he ended up in ICU. Too many coincidences to ignore. No more ibuprofen for me!

This actually is a relief. Knowing there is a very likely reason for at least part of what was going on. I have packed the extra food, as I know that is part of it. I will not take ibuprofen. I am definitely excited about getting back on the trail!

A huge thank you to every single one of you for all your caring support. It takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to get this Runningbird home on the PCT. The fun is: when I get home we will all have a part in the joy… and we will all have shared the effort.

3 thoughts on “TD 54. A Mystery Solved. Ready to hit the trail

  1. So happy to hear you will continue!! We have been following you all along too!!!I am super excited for your reports and pictures when you pass Donner pass. That is the point that Don & I left the trail and haven’t done north of there.
    Someday!! I also think you are going at an astounding speed, it took us 3 summers to even do 600 miles of the PCT. You are a rock star!!! Thanks for sharing this journey with honesty, and all our love is with you. YOU can do it!!!
    Lots of beauty in the Desolation wilderness area!!! ( Oh, and fritos are an amazing calorie addition to your bean type meals)
    Love, Lynda & Don


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