Day 55 – Ebbetts Pass drop and a run to Folsom

Wingman from the Roadside:

We were up at 0400 and Brad had a pot of coffee waiting for us in the house. We chatted briefly and Runningbird said good bye and thanks and we were on our way for Ebbetts Pass. There was a bit of stress in the truck on the way as I was arguing with the lady on the GPS (I’ll have to give her a trail name but it won’t be nice) because she wanted me to go a different way. I’ve been to Ebbetts Pass twice now and I knew how to get there and that’s not the way she wanted me to go.

It was another beautiful morning as Runningbird stepped out on the trail where she left 3 days ago. Her new-found determination was clearly visible. She had her new super light poles, a pack full of “fuel” food, and 3 days of rest. Still, we were both a bit anxious. I watched her walk up and out of sight and then headed back down highway 4 for the third time (without using the GPS) and then hooked up with highway 50 to Folsom, CA. I was going to meet Clax to retrieve the set of poles that accidentally got left in his car after the last time at Ebbetts.

Clax showed me around the town of Folsom which has changed significantly since the last time I was there more than 30 years ago. We had an early lunch and talked about the miles covered so far and of the miles to come. I had the opportunity to meet his dad and it was clear where Clax’s integrity and good values had come from. I thanked Clax again for all that he had done for us and then headed back towards Tahoe. When I stopped for gas and had a good cell signal I checked the tracker to see how Runningbird was doing. It appears cheese danish and Snickers bars work well for trail fuel.

Kinney Reservoir near Ebbetts Pass.

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