Epilogue and Intro to the Next Chapter

David and I talked, we will pick up next year at Carson Pass and complete this wonderful journey.  I will use the coming year to continue healing and getting stronger.  We have made it through the desert and the Sierras. We are halfway home.

I give you all heartfelt thanks for your loving support and kind, encouraging thoughts and comments.  These have meant so much all along the way.  I truly never could have come this far without you.   One foremost thought is that, if I left the trail, would I be letting each of you wonderful people down? 

 Instead of thinking of this as a failure, it is best to think of it as a continuing journey.  

I had waited to write these posts because I could not write them without tears, but the chapter has ended, not the story.

24 thoughts on “Epilogue and Intro to the Next Chapter

  1. My dear friend,
    The moment you stepped on that trail you had my full support but also a great amount of worries. To do what you have done in the past couple of months is amazing. You could never disappoint us. I am so happy that you are listening to your body and not pushing it any farther. I can’t wait for you to get home 😍

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  2. Oh you amazing lady!!! As I said before, I only was able to do a small portion of the beautiful PCT and it took me 3 years! You will always be an amazing lady with beautiful words and strength that knows how to choose correctly!! I am super excited to take you guys out to a nice dinner and hear all about this year in the Sierras and desert areas ! It was all so beyond my ability and I am so impressed with all you have accomplished. Most of all, I think you are the strongest woman I have ever met and I love that I am only a couple years younger and still learning so much from you!! Please know that this will be right since you have chosen it, and sometimes the “only available transportation is a leap of faith” words you gave me once!!!
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing you when you get back!!
    Love, Lynda & Don

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  3. Peg, I am so proud and amazed at you .You walked this journey your way. Every step has been an adventure. Every day is a gift from God and you took it and walked it..Well done dear friend..well done..Looking forward to seeing you and David.

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  4. You have earned a 5 star rating on the PCT scale. There is no way you could disappoint any of us. You are such an inspiration, and you and David are both terrific writers. We looked forward to every entry from you both. Whenever you finish wandering back up our way, we will see you in church.

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  5. You have completed the toughest part. Next year your leg will be stronger for Oregon and Washington if you decide to continue. If you decide not to you have credit for more than a thousand miles. You are a winner either way. So is dear David.

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  6. Runningbird & wingman you are both amazing incredible people.

    I have been reading your blog …my heart racing when you talk of falling in the water, crying when i read your frustration, stressing with wingman when he doesn’t have contact & finally the joy in the beauty of nature & the kindness of people.

    I don’t know you but think your love, respect & support for each other is beautiful.

    Runningbird you are absolutely a force & your accomplishment is so impressive. I agree with your friends- you couldn’t disappoint them. Not many people have the strength & determination to act on a dream of this magnitude. YOU ARE AMAZING.

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventure.


    1. Lynn. I would love to know you!! Your comments and care show such depth of spirit. We will check and see if we can contact you. What a lovely person you are. Thank you!!


      1. Peggy

        I hope you have had an enjoyable summer. You can’t imagine how often i think of you & talk about you & your amazing accomplishment & of course your fantastic wingman.

        I am writing because i have a friend that has done over 1000 miles of the PCT & is going back to do another section next year. If i have the details correct, she stepped off at Etna Ca marker 1599. (Oh and like you, she did this year’s 2 month section by herself).

        We talked today about me going with her next year as her support. I am definitely considering it if we can work out the details.

        Ok. Long story long. I would love to meet you & wingman & for you to possibly meet up & hike with Erika. Again if everything works out.

        You have my email address if you would be interested in discussing details early next year. Of course I am not suggesting changing your plans. However, if they intersect with Erika’s plans that would be awesome.

        Take care. Lynn

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      2. Hi Lynn, the website does not allow us to see you’re-mail address. You can send us a private email with your address to: womanwalkinghome@gmail.com and I’ll e-mail you back so we can arrange a meet. Do you live in the Snoqualmie Valley? Ever hike Mt Si? Look forward to hearing from you. Wingman.


  7. Thank you for you blog. You are one of three I have been following. I am planning on a thru hike in 2021 when I will be 67. This blog has helped me plan. Good luck next year. I will look for you next year.

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I’ve not said a word to you so far but everyday I check with anticipation to see how your are doing. I will be 61 when I start a sobo in Saied to hike to about Tahoe. I was afraid of being too Old for the pct but you have allowed me to know what to expect and how it can be done. I so appreciate you! I am also relieved to know of the bravery and point at which it is ok to stop. Thank you,
    Juli from Julian

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    1. Juli. Congratulations on your upcoming trek!!! You are not too old by far. I believe you gave the opportunity for far deeper appreciation with the gift of a mature spirit!


    1. Grace. We have been truly blessed. God is so wondrous in his love and the love He shows us through others. Especially through the people of Mt Si Lutheran Church. ❤️


  9. Thanks for documenting your journey so well and taking us all along with you. I’ve been inspired by your journey. I wish you the best in healing, rest & recovery and look forward to following along on the rest of your journey in the future.

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  10. Peggy, that must have been a very difficult decision for you to make, there were tears in my eyes as I read it. Peggy we prayed that you would make the right decision, and we are so glad you decided not to jeapardise your health and continue your journey.
    We are so proud of you, how many of us can say we walked 1000+ miles at 20-30 miles/day in just a few weeks-very, very few of us. Last weekend we went to Mt. Rainier and in three days we hiked 35 miles, at breakfast we thought of you doing it in one day, everyday!
    Be proud of yourself Peggy, God Bless, and maybe we will meet on the trail somewhere again, Mary and Jerry Zyskowski

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    1. Mary. Thank you so very much. I do hope we meet. You are right. It was a very difficult decision. But more difficult was acknowledging that it was a necessary decision. It is so hard to admit weakness. I am so happy you were hiking at Mt Rainier. That is truly my favorite and most mountain!!


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